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Valuation of Instruments

Mijares Violins offers expert Valuation of your violin family instruments.  Instruments must be brought into the shop for appraisal.  In order for the appraisal to be accurate, we must see the violin.  Pictures and verbal or written descriptions do not give enough information.

Verbal appraisals start at $10 per instrument, and this amount may be applied toward any repairs later performed on the instrument.  Insurance and other written appraisals start at $60 per appraisal.  Updates for previous written appraisals issued by Mijares Violins start at $20.

A word of advice: Just because the label in a violin says Anotonio Stradivarius, it doesn't necessarily mean it was made by him.  Particularly in the 1800s, false labels were put in many violins.  Some of these labels were understood to mean that the violin was a copy of a Strad model, while others were probably just capitalizing on his name.  Even now, many makers may state on their labels that the violin is a copy of a Stradivarius model.  It is extremely unlikely that any more genuine Stradivarius instruments will be discovered.  However, even if the violin is not a Stradivarius, many fine violins have been made by other makers. Aunt Ethel's violin could be one of these, so bring it in for an expert appraisal.